What makes Club Z different

25 Years Of Successfully Helping Students Achieve Academic Success

One on One Tutoring In Your Home

All Tutoring Is Customized To Your Student’s Specific Needs

Tutoring Tied To Your Schools Curriculum and Coordinated With Your Child’s Primary Teacher

Same Tutor Each Week

Experienced Special Needs Tutors Available

Flexible Scheduling Based On your Family’s Needs

No Contracts and Competitive Rates

Club Z also offers the same tutoring advantages for Elementary and Middle School

What makes Club Z's Test Prep different

Unlike standard practice test, Club Z's Free Diagnostic Test not only shows you what subject matter your student should work on, but also how comfortable your student is with the test skills critical to doing well.

Using this custom look at your students test, Club Z develops a customized proposal that addresses the specific areas your student needs. No one size fits all.This allows your student to focus their time where they will get the biggest bang.

Club Z also provides their expertise free to you to help with the college selection process. The result of this unique process is that Club Z's cost are often substantially less than other programs with the same or better results.

LTHS Boosters Special Pricing

Non AP classes- Regular $64 per hour – LTHS Booster Cost $58 per hour

AP Classes- Regular $69 per hour – LTHS Booster Cost $62 per hour

Middle School tutoring- Regular $54 per hour- LTHS Booster Cost $49 per hour

Test Prep Pricing-See Below

The Boosters organization also get 10% back on all tutoring revenue

Pandemic pods and Small Group tutoring in Elmhurst

ClubZ is prepared to work with your students in small group pods . Pods are self-formed and all students must be in the same class. Pods offer a proven positive learning environment which is also more cost effective for families.

Advantages of Pod Learning Through Club Z

Available for all classes

Limited to 4 students per pod to maximize group learning

You identify pod members to ensure good group dynamics

Focus on School Curriculum

All Educators are Accredited & Background Checked

Sessions available in home or remotely

Pod Pricing