Around the country parents, students and school educators have a difficult task being thrust upon them. We understand the frustration and are here to help.

Parents are now not only parents but at the very least educational support for their children. Club Z! is here to help parents through this difficult transition through education. Register for our FREE video session designed to teach parents skills and tips to help their student succeed with distance learning. The free video session will include:

  1. How parents can identify their child's learning style and how to cater to their learning style for optimal education results
  2. Tips and tricks on how to keep students engaged and that learning for the student and parent is an activity to be enjoyed together.
  3. Study Skills needed to be successful in E-Learning
  4. Time management skills
  5. Tips/Tricks for Being a Great Home Teacher or Homework Helper

You don’t have to be perfect to be a great home teacher or homework helper. Let Club Z! Tutoring get you started off right and get prepared to make learning great for your student.

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