Improve 2 Letter Grades in 60 Days

Working Closely
With one-on-one in-home tutoring sessions, our tutors help turn our students’ grades around fast.
Tailored Matching
Through our proprietary Z! Tutor Match system, we go to great lengths to match tutors with students based on personality, learning preferences, and academic strengths and weaknesses. And with our Z! Guarantee, students get the right tutor every time, guaranteed!
Flexible Scheduling
Club Z! can accommodate your schedule, offering sessions within any morning, afternoon or evening.
Qualified Staff
Our tutors are thoroughly screened and background checked prior to hiring. They are all certified teachers or degreed professionals who are passionate about education.
Fast Results
On average, our students improve 2 letter grades in as little as 60 days!
Saving Time
Club Z! saves parents time and money by freeing them from the hassle of driving to and from education centers.

Distance Learning for Parents

Club Z! Tutoring and Test Prep Services is offering FREE training programs for both parents and students designed to help students from pre-K through high school to excel in distance learning and develop lifelong study and organizational habits.

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